I study organizations and society.  Much of my research is in the field of corporate governance. Here are some examples of my recent work

Selected publications

"Board Control, Remuneration Committees, and Top Management Compensation." Academy of Management Journal, 1998, 41, 146-157, with S. Peck.

"Change and Complementarities in the New Competitive Landscape: A European Panel Study, 1992-1996." Organization Science, 1999, 10, 583-600, with R. Whittington, A. Pettigrew, S. Peck, & E. Fenton.

"Corporate Tournaments and Executive Compensation: Evidence from the UK." Strategic Management Journal, 2001, 22, 805-815, with S. Peck and G. Sadler.

"Compensation Consultants and Executive Pay: Evidence from the United States and the United Kingdom." Academy of Management Perspectives, 2009, 23, 43-55, with S. Peck and G. Sadler.

"Executive Compensation and Incentives." Academy of Management Perspectives, 2006, 20, 25-44. Reprinted in Governance and Executive Compensation edited by William Forbes, 2011, Edward Elgar, (chapter 1, pages 3-22).

"Are US CEOs Paid More Than UK CEOs? Inferences From Risk-Adjusted Pay." 2011, Review of Financial Studies, 2011, 24(2): 402-438, with John Core and Wayne Guay.

"Executive Compensation and Corporate Fraud in China", with Lerong He, Journal of Business Ethics (forthcoming) [Winner of Best Paper Award for the 2013 Journal of Business Ethics Special Issue Conference on Corporate Governance and Institutional Reform in China].

Recently published research

My book entitled: "Corporate Governance: Mechanisms and Systems" with Steen Thomsen at Copenhagen Business School was published by McGraw-Hill in 2013.

"Executive Compensation and Board Governance in US Firms", 2014, The Economic Journal 124: F60{F89.

"Informativeness of Performance Measures and Chinese Executive Compensation", 2013, Asia Pacifc Journal of Management 30: 1031 - 1058. with Lerong He, James Cordeiro and Tara Shaw.

"The Executive Compensation Controversy: A Transatlantic Analysis," 2013, with Kevin J. Murphy, Nuno Fernandes, Miguel A. Ferreira, Pedro Matos. In Boeri T., Lucifora, C. and Murphy, K. Productivity, Prots and Pay, Oxford University Press, Part I: pages 9-115.

"CEO Pay and Corporate Governance in China: A Dynamic Process." 2012, Corporate Governance: An International Review, 20(6): 575-592, with Lerong He.

"Executive Compensation Consultants and CEO Pay." Vanderbilt Law Review, 2011, 64:(2)399-428.

"New Perspectives on the Governance of Executive Compensation: Examining the Role and Effect of Compensation Consultants." Journal of Management and Governance, 2011, 15, 29-58, DOI: 10.1007/s10997-009-9117-6, with S. Peck and G. Sadler